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Welcome to Automatic Delivery Service
It's easy, convenient and it's FREE!

When you’re on automatic fuel delivery, we manage your fuel deliveries so you don’t have to. We keep track of your fuel and know when your running low. There is no need to call us every time you need more oil. You won’t have to do a thing. We fill your tank automatically!

Our computerized tracking system contains your fuel-use history, as well as day-to-day temperatures, which we measure by a special calculation called degree-days. Based on this information, we know when your tank is around half full, and that’s when we’ll deliver.

With automatic delivery service, you are guaranteed never to run out of fuel. If something goes wrong and you do run out of fuel on automatic delivery service, just give us a call and we’ll drop everything to fuel you immediately, off hours and weekends, with no delivery charge.

Anthony’s Oil, LLC is a payment on delivery company. This helps keep our pricing low. Automatic fuel delivery service requires a credit card on file. The night before your delivery you will be charged our 100 gallon minimum. Once the delivery is made the remaining number of gallons will be charged. You will see two charges but they will equal the total of your delivery. This will all be reflected on the slip we leave you. It’s that SIMPLE!

Fill out our Customer Information & Automatic Payment Authorization form below.
Our office will then call you to schedule your initial fill up delivery.

In order to calculate your fuel usage properly, we need to create a fuel-use history. We do this with 3 consecutive fill up deliveries with 3-4 weeks between each delivery. 

Your information, along with the daily temperatures, are calculated by our system to determine your next delivery. 

Lets Get Started  

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